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  • dont be such an idiot

    People say love comes when you ready,

    But when will we be ready if we didn’t try to find them?

    People say love is about of sharing,

    But when will share everything what will be left for us?

    People say love is so much sweet.

    But sometimes love do be the poison that killed someone.

    People say love is like a sun, can lighten your day,

    But with love too someone heart becomes darker and darker.

    Sorry, for me, love is just a mess; it hurt me a lot since I first knew it, since the first time I explored it, since the first time I got hooked by it. I don’t know how to explain it by words or in a proper way. 10 times of failure and I already sick of it, I gave all my commitment but at the end of the day, I will be the one who silly that hurt so badly because I put so much effort and trustworthy. Gosh, I need some more strength. I need some more happiness to fill up my heart. I won’t ever let it dry and dying like crops that having a drought. But when will I get them? When will I receive all the stuff? And yet I still crying, crying likes a hopeless baby. People always say to me “hey, you might find someone better very soon”. Ah, time flies and still I will forever get hurt whenever I got hooked by the silly love life! And most of the times, I feel like giving myself up to love, because of too much drama that I have gone through, because too much heartache that I got, because too much tears drop that I let out already. I am almost 19, and next year I am turning 20 years old, mature enough to learn how to love someone, how to be loved by someone, how to get hooked by someone, how to know what LOVE really is. Yeah, is it so true that the world is a stage, and we-the human being are the actors and actresses. We act our own role, we read our own script, and we got our own plot, setting, events and so much more. I am no good in this drama stuff; I am not a student that specialized in acting degree or diploma. I am just an ordinary guy that still learns to survive in this world which filled with cruelness, numbness, stiffness, betrayal, lies, envies, hatred and jealousy. Okay, I still need to prepare myself, to face this world, to face the effect of love that most of people always talk about. Yeah, love sometimes makes people over the cloud nine, but with love too people even dare to commit themselves suicide. So don’t be the victims of love, trying to survive by ourselves and not to get drown by the luxury of being LOVED. Take a good care of our dignity, our pride! We are human being, don’t be such an idiot that easily get fall and hardly to stay up back!

    Okay, I wrote this with sincerity from my heart, sorry if it is unorganized and maybe people might say it is like craps, but it just came out from my heart, sincerely from my broken unfixed heart.