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    Ah, seriously this examination fever really drive me crazy, sleep so late in night, and sometimes I don’t sleep at all because of continuous study at night, oh God, me feel like seriously? How can’t I memorize all of them when I just read it for the first time? And during this crucial time, I got million diseases; I got flu-the worst one, cough-the urmmm, worst too maybe, and also fever. Gahhh, all of these things distract me from study, but still I don’t care about them, just a simple test from God actually.

    But really, this exam really tenses me a lot.  I never feel like this before, and even SPM I don’t even feel nervous as worst as this. This exam make me feel like there is some butterfly that is really gigantic, keep on flying in my belly and rubbing the wall of the stomach,  especially the greater curvature one, okay this is craps, but really, I am tremendously nervous. Just now I finished the practical part, identifying muscle, artery, vein, nerve at the cadaver that really stinky. -.- . As well as identifying cells of bone, cartilage and bla bla bla, okay, this is the bored part.

    Okay, let me tell about the exam, this exam called as practical exam, which is the worst part for me. Seriously, you must touch the cadaver or in easy words dead body, “godek-godek” that dead body for a while and answering the question that accompanying the specimen. And for sure those specimen smell like hell due to the formalin.. -.- . Then there is another section which I need to use the microscope to identify some slides of bone, cartilage, nerves by myself. This one is the part that I really like and good at! Congratulation for hariz! Yay! :D I too need to look at a bone, give the name for the bone, the side in the body, the muscle that attach to the bone and blab la bla, I hate it because I didn’t memorize them all last night, but still my friends beside me kept on helping me. Ho ho ho, heaven okay! :P

    Okay, I have finished the first part of this exam; the next part is this coming Thursday, the multiple choice question, and 60 questions for 60 minutes. Which mean I question for 1 minute, okay, Alexandria University is really stingy, and how come a medical question needs to be answer in a nick of time? Maybe, the authorities just wanna end the session soon! Okay, I am really out of mind this time, but seriously, I hate the time given for the student to answer the whole question in the question book. And for sure, the question is really hard and makes my mind going to explode and scattered throughout the exam hall like in the final destination movie. -.-

    Okay, I wouldn’t think more about the consequence of this exam, I will just give my best effort, strive for the best and beat the rest! My aim for this exam is scoring an excel result! Jyeahhhhhh! Go hariz! Go hariz! Though I know it is impossible for me to score an A+ for examination but still I put a high target for myself! Who knows I got it. :P

    I think this is enough for me to talk craps, nonsense, out of mind this time. Yeah, thanks blog for being the place for me to express my feeling.. hew hew hew, I am so happy right now. But I don’t know why, okay, this is crazy. Okay bye! Love everyone! J

    p/s: someone propose me to be the boyfriend, hew hew hew, happy. ><